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We breed mainly standard, miniature, and petite-miniature size Goldendoodles, with a range in colors from cream to black. Please keep in mind that we only have a couple litters each year in order to give every Riverside puppy all of the love and attention they deserve. After confirming the pregnancy of each upcoming litter, those who have already submitted their adoption application will have the first chance to send in their deposit and reserve a spot on the upcoming litter's list. 

Ellie on Stripes.jpg


Prices start at $1800 per pup, but can vary depending on factors such as size or special markings.


Standard 50+ pounds

Moyen 35-50 pounds

Miniature 25-35 pounds

Petite-Miniature 15-25 pounds

Micro under 15 pounds


Nala x Moab

Birth Date: March 6th

Take Home Date: May 4th


Expected Weight: 40-50 pounds

Coloring: Cream, Apricot, Red

Price: $1800

Status: All Reserved

Nala Profile Pic.JPG
Moab 1.jpg

Ellie x Auggie

Birth Date: April 22rd

Take Home Date: June 18th


Expected Weight: 30-40 pounds

Coloring: Cream, Apricot

Price: $1800

Status: Accepting Deposits

Auggie Summer 2024.jpg

Ivy x Auggie

Due Date: April 28th

Take Home Date: June 23rd


Expected Weight: 30-40 pounds

Coloring: Cream, Black

Price: $1800

Status: Accepting Deposits

Auggie Summer 2024.jpg
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