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Nala is a happy-go-lucky purebred Golden Retriever, whose greatest loves in life are the beach and kids. Her vet describes her as

"an ambassador for Golden friendliness",

and everyone who meets her absolutely falls in love with her sweet personality.

Birth Date: 08/18/16

Weight: 65 lbs.

Coloring: Medium Gold with White Points

Coat Type: Straight

Nala Bio


Ivy is an F1 Goldendoodle that consistently gets picked out of a crowd for her beautiful jet black fur and long, wavy hair. She loves to cuddle and expects her paw to be held whenever you're sat down next to her. Ivy is the perfect example of what we look for in our mothers, with both beauty and brains!

Birth Date: 6/22/19

Weight: 50 lbs.

Coloring: Black

Coat Type: Wavy

Ivy Bio


Ellie is an F1 Goldendoodle out of Nala and Charlie, with wavy cream fur that has the most gorgeous undertones of apricot. Ellie is whip-smart and loves playing fetch more than anything else in the world. She is our Miss Energetic and always keeps us on our toes for what new trick she will teach herself next.

Birth Date: 6/22/19

Weight: 50 lbs.

Coloring: Cream

Coat Type: Wavy

Ellie Bio


Moose is an adorable purebred Toy Poodle, who is full of spunk and energy! He loves traveling, going for walks in the park, and getting lots of attention from anyone who sees him. Moose lives in Orem, Utah with his family and has proven to be a wonderful father!

Birth Date: 07/02/17

Weight: 5 lbs.

Coloring: Red

Coat Type: Curly

Moose has joined our breeding program
in collaboration with Echo Canyon Doodles.
Moose Bio


Koda is a new father, but already a perfect fit in the Riverside crew! He is Moose's younger brother, but towers over his sibling and has no problem keeping up. Playful, energetic, and perfectly sweet! Koda is a Miniature Parti-Poodle, which means he can pass along the genes for a beautiful spotted coat.

Birth Date: 09/02/20

Weight: 20 lbs.

Coloring: Apricot and Cream

Coat Type: Curly

Koda has joined our breeding program
in collaboration with Echo Canyon Doodles.
Koda Bio


Red is a miniature purebred Poodle with a beautiful gait, long teardrop ears, and a solid dark red coat. He has a fantastic, gentle, playful temperament. Red loves to cuddle and is very outgoing! He loves dogs, cats, and meeting new people of all ages.

Birth Date: 04/15/16

Weight: 13 lbs.

Coloring: Red

Coat Type: Curly

Red has joined our breeding program
in collaboration with Happy Valley Doodles.
Red' Bio


Moab is a moyen-sized, purebred Poodle. He's a big people pleaser and loves going on long walks with his family.

Birth Date:

Weight: 39 lbs.

Coloring: Apricot

Coat Type: Curly

Moab has joined our breeding program
in collaboration with Happy Valley Doodles.
Moab Bio


Auggie is the newest father here at Riverside and is a very exciting addition because of his unique genetics. He is a Cavapoo, which is a cross between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Poodle. His big, round eyes and white markings come from the Cavalier side, while the wavy, low-shedding hair and increased agility are Poodle characteristics. He is incredibly friendly, loving, and great with other dogs.

Birth Date: 04/02/23

Weight: 30 lbs.

Coloring: White and Apricot

Coat Type: Wavy

Auggie Bio
Charlie Bio



Charlie Brown is an energetic, purebred Standard Poodle. He loves going hunting with his family, playing with their three young boys, and running around the large family farm.​ Charlie's father has black fur, and passes on those genes to our beautiful jet black Goldendoodles!

Birth Date: 11/22/17

Weight: 65 lbs.

Coloring: Mottled Chocolate Brown

Coat Type: Curly

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