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We ask that you please read through this full list of common questions and our answers, before filling out an adoption application. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

What are Goldendoodles?

Goldendoodles are a cross between Golden Retrievers and Poodles, two of the top five smartest dogs in the world. They are incredibly friendly and great with kids, making them the perfect family dog.

As a cross breed, Goldendoodles have an increased life expectancy and they inherit amazing qualities from both breeds. Their eager to please nature makes them great options for therapy or service dogs, and they are more likely to be low-shedding and allergy friendly. With such quirky personalities, incredible intellect, and adorable puppy eyes, they are very hard to resist!

Where are you located?

Riverside Goldendoodles is based out of Southern Idaho, near the Snake River Canyon. Our home is in Jerome, Idaho.

You can read about our family and take a look inside the puppy room under the "About Us" tab above.

What are your prices?

Our prices may vary by generation, size, and coloring of each puppy; starting at $1800 per pup. You will find the exact price of each puppy in the litter bio under the "Puppy Info" tab above.

The total amount is split into two payments:

$300 non-refundable reservation deposit to secure your spot on your litter's reservation list and the remaining balance which is due at the time of adoption.

We accept cash, cashier's check, and Venmo.

What are the steps to adopting a Riverside Goldendoodle?

  1. Fill out our simple application form and watch for a Welcome Letter in your email inbox

  2. Wait for our next pregnancy confirmation. Updates will be sent out periodically. 

  3. Send in your $300 deposit which secures your place on the reservation list

  4. Wait for the birth announcement and confirmation of how many puppies are available in that litter

  5. Around five weeks of age, we have a Match Day when each customer can choose the puppy that is perfect for their family

  6. At eight weeks of age, puppies will start going home with their new families!

What is an adoption application?

We use the application form to learn more about you, your family, and what kind of puppy will fit perfectly into your lives.

There are easy questions like, "Do you have any specific gender or color preferences for your pup?" and "What kind of home will you be bringing puppy back to?"

Our application does not obligate you to submit your deposit right away. It is simply a way for us to get to know you and let's us know you want to stay in touch! Please be aware that you will need to submit your application well before your puppy's litter is born, as we have quite a few prospective customers.

Start your adoption application here.

How soon can we get a puppy?

There is a growing list of customers hoping to adopt a Riverside Goldendoodle, and we try our best to keep the process fair and easy to understand. Once you have submitted your application, you will be added to our main list of interested families. Every time there is a confirmed pregnancy, we will contact you with information on the upcoming litter (including generation, size, coloring, etc.) If those pups sound like what you and your family are hoping for, you will have the opportunity to submit your deposit and secure a spot on that litter's reservation list.

We average around eight to ten puppies per litter, give or take a few. We accept up to ten families on each waitlist prior to birth, with an additional five families on a backup list in case there are more than ten pups born. We accept deposits in the order of application submission, so the sooner you fill out that form the better!

How many litters do you have each year?

Our schedule is dependent on the variable heat cycles of our females, so our due dates/take home dates are subject to change. However, we generally have one litter per season. The type of litters we have each year is based on current demand and the information we gain from our customer applications.

Visit the "Puppy Info" page to see which of our dogs are having puppies soon and what our plans are for future litters!

What are the different types of Goldendoodles?

Here at Riverside Goldendoodles we breed F1 and F1b puppies.


First generation Goldendoodles are labeled F1, with 50% Golden Retriever and 50% Poodle in the pups. They usually have loose wavy hair, which makes it easier to groom and maintain the shaggy Muppet look!

F1b Goldendoodles are second generation, between an F1 Goldendoodle and a Poodle. These pups are 25% Golden Retriever and 75% Poodle. They have tighter curls that require daily grooming to keep it free of knots and mats, however F1b's generally shed less and are more likely to be allergy friendly. A shorter haircut may be necessary.

What are the different sizes of Goldendoodles?

We use five general ranges to label our puppies:

Standard 50+ lbs

Moyen 35-50 lbs

Miniature 25-35 lbs

Petite-Miniature 15-25 lbs

Micro Under 15 lbs

When can we choose our puppy?

Match Day happens when the pups are about five weeks old. During this phone call you will have the opportunity to give us your final puppy choice.​ For our customers that are further down on the reservation list, we recommend picking out at least your top three puppies in case someone ahead of you has already chosen your number one pick.

If you and your family have very particular requirements for your puppy's appearance or behavior and you don't find exactly what you're looking for from your specified litter, we are more than happy to move you to the top of our next reservation list so that you may have pick of the litter.

Can we visit the puppies before picking one out?

Of course! We love having people come visit the puppies. Our dogs thrive on early socialization and play dates. However, we ask that you contact us several days in advance to schedule a visitation appointment. For our out of state customers we have the option of Skype or Facetime sessions, so that you can get to know these sweet little guys from afar.

We also want to remind our customers that the reservation list determines the order that you can choose a puppy. If you come for a visit and get your heart set on a specific pup, we can't guarantee that they will still be available by your Match Day appointment.

When can we bring our new puppy home?

We spend the first two months of the puppies' lives giving them lots of love and socialization with us in our home. We wait until they are at least eight weeks of age to wean them from their mother and let them go home to their new families. At this time, they are started on solid foods and more than ready to escape from the puppy pile!

If you're waiting for a special time to bring your puppy home, we offer boarding past eight weeks of age for an additional charge.

Can you deliver?

We offer delivery and flight-nanny services based on distance and scheduling. For distances under 4 hours driving time, we can deliver straight to your door. If you live a bit further out, we can plan to meet you at the Boise airport for a quick puppy hand-off. And if you want as little fuss as possible, we'll fly with your pup to the airport nearest you and see you there! Leave us a note in your adoption application and we can work out the details. Please note that your pup must be 10 weeks old, in order to fly with any airline. This will delay adoption by at least two weeks, so please plan accordingly.

Do you offer any kind of health guarantee?

Riverside Goldendoodles provides a one-year health guarantee for all of our puppies. While we have never had an issue in the past, Mother Nature has her own will and we want you to feel secure in your decision to adopt. If your puppy is diagnosed with any form of life-threatening or debilitating congenital defect, we will replace your pup free of charge.

What will our puppy come home with?

Each pup goes home with a copy of vaccination records and a few care instructions that we find helpful for new owners. They also have a mother's scent blanket, a small sample of their puppy food, and a toy that they enjoy playing with. Check out our "Bringing Puppy Home" tab for a list of ways to prepare for your new family member!

Do Goldendoodles shed?

This can be a very complicated question to answer, but in short...

Yes, Goldendoodles do shed.

The shedding issue all comes down to genetics. The Golden Retriever is a heavy-shedding breed, while the Poodle is a low-shedding breed. For F1 puppies, there is a 50/50 chance of inheriting either shedding gene. The more Poodle within the puppy's genetics, the more likely they are to be low-shedding. However, there is no such thing as a completely non-shedding dog. Even Poodles shed a little bit! We have many customers that reach out to us wanting a long, wavy coat but no shedding, and the difficult answer is that there is no way of guaranteeing a wavy-haired, low-shedding F1 Goldendoodle before they reach their mature age and grow into their adult coat.

Are Goldendoodles really hypoallergenic?

This might come as a surprise, but it is not possible to have a 100% hypoallergenic dog (of any breed). Being allergy-friendly is largely based on coat type, shedding levels, and your interactions with the dog. Pet dander, saliva, and urine all contain the protein that commonly causes allergy issues. However, dogs that have curlier hair and don't shed as much, leave less dander around your home because it gets trapped close to their skin. We recommend that any customer with dog-related allergies look more into our F1b litters, rather than first generation F1 puppies.

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