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Once you bring a Goldendoodle into your life, grooming is going to become a very important part of your daily routine! So many of our customers express their desire for a "teddy bear Goldendoodle" without realizing the amount of work that is required to keep your dog's hair long, shaggy, and free of mats.

We follow Golden Doodle Doos

Guide to Complete Home Grooming,

and we encourage all of our customers to visit their website and purchase a set of video tutorials for themselves, too!

Our goal is to avoid the inevitable close-crop shave that happens when Doodle owners get tired of fighting with knots and mats in their dog's hair. Once you know the correct way to brush out your Goldendoodle's fur and how to give simple trims between trips to the groomer, maintaining a teddy bear style will seem much more manageable!

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